Someone for prenatal care who will deliver my baby (Aetna)

Hello, I am looking for a midwife (CNM) or OB that can give prenatal care and do the delivery. Basically, I want to know the person who delivers my baby in advance, but I want to do that through my insurance, Aetna (specifically Stanford Health Care Alliance, but let's say Aetna to keep it simple). I don't really know how the healt care system works here, but I understand there are at least some private practice OBs that do that at Alta Bates (I found Dr Liziano through BPN but she is not covered by my insurance). Any recommendations?

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I don't know anyone local OBs that can guarantee that in this area. Have you looked into getting a doula? That way you can guarantee that support person is in the room, no matter who your OB is. 

I have SHCA and delivered my first baby with Dr. Yvette Gentry from East Bay Women's Health at Alta Bates and will be delivering my second with her as well very soon.  She has a private practice and as I understand it, delivers most of the babies, although does work with a network of doctors if she is unavailable so its definitely not guaranteed.  There was another OB in her practice who is leaving, so I know they might have limited capacity right now.  Feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss more.

Hi!  I also have Aetna through SHCA and am using the team at Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation on 2500 Milvia in Berkeley (SHCA makes it seem like they will only pay for you to deliver at SHC/LPCH or ValleyCare but it's misleading - they do cover others places, you just have to call the Aetna member number to confirm).  They take the Aetna insurance (10% co-insurance) and cover delivery at Alta Bates Summit Berkeley on Ashby. 

There are many female docs and a couple CNMs in the practice, with someone always on call for deliveries.  You never reeeealy know who will deliver you unless you schedule a c-section with your primary OB but there are opportunities to meet many people in the practice cuz there are so many appts towards the end.  Or you can develop a relationship with 1-2 docs over the course of your pregnancy so those folks know you really well vs a dozen who know you a bit.  Whatever works for you is best!!

Hope this helps - Happy to chat further privately!

~ Sarah

Lindy Johnson is a midwife in Berkeley and she is amazing, and her office is located right across from Alta Bates. At the time I had Blue Shield and they paid for her services. But even if your insurance won't pay, her fee is incredibly affordable considering what you get. I was in a baby prep group where everyone else had ob/gyn's and I have to say hearing about their experiences made me even more confident in my choice of a midwife. She only does hospital births, she has specialists as her back up (can't remember the name of the practice but it is where I had my amnio and they specialize in high risk pregnancies). I liked that while she of course would prefer an all natural birth, she will not hesitate to bring in surgeons if a c-section does become necessary. I liked knowing that I had someone on my side who would give me their honest opinion if medical intervention is necessary, rather than a doctor who will push c-sections and epidurals on you at your most vulnerable moments, which has happened to several of my friends. 

Check out Golden Oak Midwives! They are two midwives who only do deliveries at Alta Bates. I had a great experience - I had all my prenatal care with them and knew that one of them would be there to deliver my baby instead of a stranger. It was really wonderful. They do charge a fee but my insurance covered some of it and of course, my insurance covered all of my hospital related bills for the delivery. 

Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope you can find what you are looking for though I think it is pretty uncommon in most the HMO's.  I'm guessing this your first - having been through this with 2 babies I would just like to pipe up and say, at least for me, all of that concern about who would deliver my babies flew right out the window after hours of labor. You'll likely be glad to have ANYONE there to help you honestly. You'll never see the amazing nurses again but they are the real angels in the process and no matter what you'll be glad to have a midwife or doctor there. You are doing all the work, whoever is there in the end (and really the doctor is not there until late!) is just there to assist. Good luck to you!!