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Does anyone have any recommendations for solar system repair companies? The solar system on our Berkeley home stopped producing power after 7 years & needs a new inverter. The company that installed it is no longer in business. The first repair company we contacted came out quoted us $8,500 for the repair. At this price point, it isn’t worth it to us to repair it as our full price electricity bills are only about $1,000 per year. Does anyone know of a company that will replace an inverter or repair a system for a more reasonable cost?

We’ve called around and haven’t had luck getting anyone to call us back or provide estimates for the work. We already paid a company over $500 for a couple hours of work to diagnose the issue, so I think the problem diagnosis is correct. Thanks!

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Sun Light and Power replaced our SMA string inverter (sounds like probably a similar size to your system) for about $2,500 in 2021.  It was already over 15 years old before it failed; seven years sounds really short!   Have you contacted the manufacturer?  Not sure what the warranty is these days, but again seven years sounds like a pretty premature death.

I suspect prices for any solar services may be higher these days just because solar companies are so busy with all the folks who rushed to sign contracts before the new CPUC net metering changes went into effect earlier this year, so that might be contributing to that shockingly high estimate..

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Hi, I've referred our solar guy to a few people on BPN and they've been very happy. We worked with him to install a new system at our house, but I know he does repairs as well. His experience, knowledge, and prices are top notch, and he's not pushy at all. I'd suggest you send him an email or give him a call, let him know your situation, and see if he'll give you an estimate. His name is Mike Kleeman, phone is 925-334-4959, and email is mkleeman [at] You can let him know that Dan S. referred you.