Social Skills Group for 4th Grader

Looking for a new round of recommendations for social skills groups for elementary-age kids, in the 7-10 range, or any endorsements of some currently meeting (some providers who appear in the archives aren't doing them any more). At this point, I will consider anywhere in the East Bay. It is heartbreaking to watch my child visibly feeling awkward. Thank you!

-Desperately Seeking Social Skills

Parent Replies

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In my opinion, one of the best speech and language pathologist in the East Bay. Our son participated in a social skills group with Lisa and she was tremendously helpful.

My 10 year old suffers with what is called Reactive Attachment Disorder. Her mother abandoned her and her father is not the greatest. We have had custody of them since she was 2. She has a REALLY hard time getting to know people and being friendly. Once she thinks that she has a friend she "tests" them to make sure they won't leave her. When she feels safe that they won't she relaxes and all is good. 

One thing we did that was really great was join Girl Scouts--until the leader became obnoxious. Now we have her in counseling and it is helping, art helps her too. We also bought an "American Girl" book about how to make friends. That was a big help. 

We are in Brentwood but if ever you would like to have a playdate midway somewhere I would love to do that. 

I'm not familiar with any social skills group in the East Bay, but my son went to Social Learning Works in Marin (Corte Madera) from 3rd to 6th grade with great success. If you don't want to travel that far, you may want to give them a call and see if they have any recommendations.  The staff is very experienced and I'm sure they have great connections throughout the Bay Area.  Their web site is Good luck!

Our daughter just did a session at Think Social East Bay with Shelly and really loved it. She's on grand just north of lake Merritt. I highly recommend. 

Contact Shelly Hansen from Think Social East Bay- she runs after school groups in Oakland and will only assign a group if its a good fit.  My daughter took her for the first time this summer and it was great!