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Over the past 2 winters a small but persistent leak has developed in my ceiling. I’ve identified the source which is failing waterproofing under the wood siding that surrounds a slider door onto the deck above this ceiling. I need someone who can remove the siding and repair whatever is needed, including replacing the slider if that’s necessary. I know all contractors are slammed right now but I am anxious to have this repaired before the summer months fly by.  I’m hoping someone could fit this in between other big jobs they are working on in the area. I appreciate any recommendations-I am in the El Cerrito/North Berkeley/Kensington Area. Thank you in advance.

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Walter Nix did some replacing of leaking windows for me and has a great team who I'm sure could handle your job.  He is a perfectionist and made sure everything was water tight and leak-proof!  Good luck!

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 I highly recommend my contractor Hugo Cano, who lives locally with his family in El Cerrito. I have hired him on and off since last Fall for many projects: rebuilding and replacing many boards and posts on a very old fence surrounding my property; demolishing and rebuilding a three-tiered deck which had to be replaced due to termites; removing and replacing trim boards around my roof line and windows due to dry rot; rerouting electrical and plumbing lines for deck project; painting or staining all finished work: repairing, replacing and caulking shingles on exterior of house; etc. His work is exceptional, his pricing is very reasonable, he is very personable and extremely reliable. Please give him a call at ‭(510) 213-0812‬. You will not be disappointed!

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I would like to warn people about a Berkeley contractor named Eron Ersch.  He accepted a small job we had in our basement.  He said it would take about 2 weeks. This was 4 months ago.  We have found out he has outstanding bills with a local mirror company, and they will not work with him.  This has been a nightmare for us, and we wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we have.