Sleepaway camp in northeast or midwest

We’re considering sending our child to a half or full summer sleepaway camp in the northeast or Midwest starting next summer. Would love to hear about experiences Berkeley-area families have had doing the same. Was it tough for your child being from the west coast when (I’m assuming) most kids were not? Did it feel tough to maintain friendships during the school year when in-person visits were few or nonexistent? Any other considerations you would recommend keeping in mind? Would also love to hear if you have recommendations for a “camp lady” to help you search for camps, or particular camps you’d recommend. Feel free to message me directly via my username it you’d rather not post publicly. We’re most interested in traditional all-girls / all-boys camps that are down-to-earth and have a 7/8 week option. Thank you!

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North Country Camps!

My cousins, siblings and I went here for many summers.  As did my father and his siblings.  As did my grandmother.

They are expert at dealing with homesick kids, but truly, for me and my siblings, the problem was being "campsick" after we got home.  Happy to tell you more.

My niece and nephew - CA kids - went to in Vermont for years and years, and the 23 year old is there right now working! 

They and their parents are big fans :)

schedule is not obvious at first glance from the website but my memory is they have two 1-month sessions and many campers stay for both.