Using a CPAP but still not feeling rested

I need a new sleep disorder doctor.  For nearly four years, I've been a patient at the California Center for Sleep Disorders in Alameda (they have offices in other Bay Area cities, too).  Early on, I underwent both an at-home and in-lab sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  A CPAP machine was prescribed, and I now use it nightly.  The doctor tells me the number of apnea episodes have dropped dramatically.  However, I am still not getting restful sleep.  It's especially hard for me to wake up in the morning, regardless of the number of hours I've slept.  I've discussed this with my doctor, who just suggested that I turn off all electronic devices an hour before sleep.  I don't have any trouble falling or staying asleep; waking up and feeling rested are the issues. Please respond only to my plea for another doctor or maybe an acupuncturist if one helped you with the very same issue.  While I'm sure there are teas, calming apps and the like out there, that's not what I'm looking for.  

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I am responding as a patient who has used a CPAP for 25+ years. I was first diagnosed by the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic, and after moving to the East Bay, I have not found a clinic or doctor with the same level of expertise. If Stanford has recently opened an East Bay location, I'd try that. Otherwise, booking an appointment at the Redwood City clinic could be worth the trip.

Re: the CPAP, one of the bigger issues is being able to tolerate using the machine. Since you've mastered that, there are few ways to improve the airflow that have been helpful, including using the humidifier attachment, wearing a Breathe Right nasal strip, and using nose drops or over-the-counter Flonase during allergy seasons. I've also experimented with different masks and hoses by ordering online at CPAP resellers. At one point, I even bought a technician's manual on eBay so I could make minor adjustments to the standard pressure without having to schedule appointments.

Lastly, I feel most rested during periods when I'm more active during the day. Exercise can be a challenge when you're already feeling drained but even a regular walk after dinner can be sufficient.

Have you had your thyroid checked?  I also have sleep apena and still am exhausted when I wake up. I've also been diagnosed with hashimotos (low thyroid) and am working to find right dose of thyroid meds to combat the fatigue.