Sleep-away camp for 12 year old girl who loves sports?

My twelve-year old daughter would like to go to a sleep-away camp this summer. She loves sports. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

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Camp Unalayee. Best camp ever!

You might try Julie Foudy Camp -

My daughter went for 2 years & loved it. 

Good Luck!

Take a look at Coppercreek Camp - 3rd year and going strong! http://

My son went for the first time 2 years ago for 2 weeks, last year for 4, this year it will be 4 weeks .... he's counting the days.

Good luck

If your daughter would like to focus on basketball or tennis, I highly recommend the Nike tennis and basketball camps at Stanford.  They are close to home, but provide a terrific sleep away experience in a college setting.  The sports instruction is high level without being intensely competitive.