Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Question

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the waterpark in Concord?  I want to bring my 14 year old daughter and  her friends, but I myself need to have a shady spot all day (past skin cancer).  I can't rent a cabana for $200.  Are there particular spots you know where I can put my chair in an out-of-the way place?  Can I even bring my own chair in?


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I suggest that a group of 14 year olds can be dropped off at a water park. You don't need to stay.

According to the Six Flags website, chairs and shade structures are prohibited, as are food and coolers.

Scroll down on this page:

I think you can bring your own chair. There are trees and some coverings, but it might be hard to lock down one shady spot. I'd get there early and be prepared to move with the sun, if needed. Or, with 14-year-olds, I'd just drop them off and pick them up later. I've done this many times with teens, including young teens.

There are indeed shady spots. Quite a few of them. But the key to snagging one will be to be at the park when it opens (in fact, I’d recommend arriving 30 minutes before opening time). If you come in the middle of the day, it will take a lot of luck for you to get a shady spot for your group.