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I am looking for a family law attorney that can help me finalize a mediation agreement.  I recently parted ways with my daughter’s father-she is 4 years old and we are both very involved in her life.  I am struggling financially. He owns a home and makes far more money than I do. He is charming and charismatic with others but is manipulative, threatening, controlling and cruel behind closed doors.  He has a high powered lawyer who also happens to his friend.  So I could use sound legal advice before I finalize the agreement. I would prefer a female attorney who has experience helping single moms.  Many thanks.

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I used Margaret Gannon and highly recommend her. She only represents women. You need someone in your corner who will fight for you. Margaret will help you keep your emotions in check and keep them out of your decision making process. It's a difficult process under the best of circumstances. Good luck. 510-452-1700

After a horrific event instigated by my husband years ago I was advised to seek legal advice from one of CCC Family Justice Centers for a free one hour consultation. That is where I met Harpreet Sandhu. After my initial consultation she offered to represent me for $150/hr. That was the rate that attorneys who maintain office space at FJC can charge clients they obtain via FJC. The rates may have changed and her rate outside of FJC is higher. Vicious lawyers will charge you more and I can assure you she’s not vicious. She has a strong moral compass and is well versed and experienced in family law. She’s currently working out of the Concord office and you’d have to call them to schedule a free one hour consult with her. She’s very kind and has great relations with the court judges. Best of luck getting through your family law issues. Wish you speedy closure.

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I am seeking this as well.  May I ask if posts will be visible?  I'd like to see these.

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Unfortunately Margaret Gannon has now retired. She was surely a lawyer of her own league! We have been lucky to find someone also honest and ethical. Look up Hannah Sims. And at no given cost should you hire Lisa Radcliffe in Contra Costa county. She is all about money making and does nothing for her client.

I strongly recommend Donna Gibbs in Oakland.

I would never have gotten through my divorce without her patient, skilled, and calming support. She has a lot of experience and a clear-eyed perspective. 

good luck to you.