How to find commercial space for business

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to rent or own commercial property to run my fitness business in El Cerrito, Oakland, Albany.

Any leads would be great. I have been in the Bay area for 25 years.

Thank you for your time,


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You should contact a commercial real estate agent who knows the area well.

A good one is Steve Smith at Norheim & Yost

(510) 527-3400 x12

I would recommend Francis Griffin of MRE Commercial Real Estate in Emeryville. He helped me buy a commercial property last year, and I know he does a lot of leasing in the East Bay, working with both owners and tenants. He works closely with Erik Housh, managing partner at MRE, who has extensive commercial real estate experience - sales, leasing, property management, development, consulting. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. 

fgriffin [at]

Cell: (510)368-8679

Office: (510)450-1410