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We're hoping to do a simple remodel of our kitchen to update countertops, cabinets, sink, etc, but without changing the layout. We aren't really into design or coordinating with contractors, so we'd love to find a designer interested in helping coordinate the process. It would be great to get suggestions for designers from people who have undertaken similar projects before. Thanks!

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I highly recommend Kyoko Jackson of Yumi Interiors ( She did exactly this when we did a simple remodel of our kitchen - she's lovely to work with. 

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Brett Foken at Decorotation Interiors remodeled our kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and hallway last year. She and her team are amazing and I am so happy with all their choices. They are a full-service design firm so will work directly with your contractor and manage the process from end to end. She will even help you find a contractor and be a part of the bidding/presentation process.

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If you are doing a simple remodel try Granite Expo (I've used them many times, very satisfied, HomeDepot (work will be acceptable) or Ikea.  There are very few people doing simple remodels in the Bay Area due to all of the recent wild fires.  The insurance companies are paying top dollar and they have followed the money.  This is the worst time to do any remodeling right now.  Wood prices 3 to 4 times what they were 2 years ago, same with metal prices.  If you can wait, you'll be able to get more done for less.

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We’ve just done a “light” remodel of our kitchen - new counters and backsplash and new island. We just needed a facelift and kept a lot of the original stuff.
We used designer, Cillesa Ullman, who was fabulous! I highly recommend her. She’s great at coordinating tasks and helping you select new materials. She has a great eye for detail. She also referred us to just the right contractor to do the work. 

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