Silicon Valley High School OR National High School online?

Does anyone have any experience with either Silicon Valley High School or National High School for making up high school credits?  My son had an amazing opportunity for in person school this spring semester, so he took it, but he will need to make up second semester of Chemistry over the summer.  Silicon Valley High School is accredited through AdvancED.  National High School is accredited through AdvancED and SACS.  Has anyone had a child take a class through one of these schools?  Did your home high school accept the class for credit?  We are in Acalanes School District.  Engaging, quality instruction would be nice, but mostly I just need him to get credit for the class. 

Or, if you have another suggestion for me about making up a semester of school, I'd be interested in hearing about it.  I know that Tilden does this, but it's super expensive and both National and Silicon Valley cost about $100 per semester.  

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My daughter took Geometry at SVHS.  It’s fine for credits but there is not really any teacher engagement to speak of.  They watch video lessons and do assignments and tests, which are scored remotely.  Always check with the counselor at the receiving school about whether credits will be accepted before you enroll him.