Should we move to Oregon: Eugene or Corvallis?

Our family is lived in Illinois, Texas and now California, but we're considering a move to Oregon—the Eugene or Corvallis area. We currently live in North Berkeley and love our neighborhood for it's walkability, good schools, fun parks, farmers markets, and proximity to various transit hubs. However, the cost is wearing on us and we feel like we're having trouble maintaining community, even after living in the area for a few years -- everyone seems to be moving away due to high housing costs. Oregon's lower cost of living is appealing, plus the area's proximity to outdoor activities. But, a move has us worried we'll be bored or find ourselves living a life that's more rural that we planned (fewer trips to things like museums, more time in the car, greater distance from international airport, etc.). We're not necessarily concerned about the weather, but would like to know if people in the area make the most of outside time when it's rainy/gloomy—we wouldn't want to me the only ones who aren't afraid to gear up and still have fun. We'd appreciate hearing from other families perspectives on live in Eugene, Corvallis or a town nearby. 

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I lived in Eugene and absolutely loved it. There is a lot of stuff to do in Eugene and a lot of outdoor activities. I don't think you would be bored. Also you are only 2 hours to Portland and from the Eugene airport you can easily fly to a larger airport for any international flights you want to make.  I didn't think the weather was too bad (I've also lived in Seattle which I felt was much for challenging weather-wise). I would highly recommend moving to Eugene. 

My brother-in-law lived in both Eugene and Corvallis. Both were nice small college towns (they were there because of U of Oregon jobs). Neither had access to large museums. Corvallis is closer to Portland, which also is not a big place for museums. Both have walkable downtowns, and if you are careful you can find a place that is in biking distance of the downtown. The farmer's markets are good, and there are nearby natural areas for walking which people do in all weather. Unless you are very good bike riders, or can find things near home to keep yourself busy, you would need a car per adult in either of them. Both are much less diverse than the Bay Area, or most places in California. There is an IB high school in Eugene. In general the schools don't have the diversity of course offerings and AP classes that a school like BHS has. Neither seemed much like North Berkeley to us, though we liked visiting there.