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Hi there,

I'm looking for ideas, or financial planners to get ideas from for some short term investing.

After an unfortunate car accident I received a settlement from insurance and now have some sudden money in the bank. I saw an ad for a 1 year CD at 2.24, which made me realize if i am not going to need this money in the next year it should be somewhere other than my savings account. I don't want it tied up for more than a year, and not all of it , as i have some kids medical bills etc coming up. But I think i could invest in the 30K range and be ok for a year.   Thanks.

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We just had some good experience with Julie Asti of Asti Financial Management in Albany. Also: some online savings accounts offer APY's on par with CDs but without the time commitment. Ally and CIT (Savings Builder) are great options.

My 2 cents--CDs and savings accounts are guaranteed and secure, though the interest rate is low. Generally, most other investment options are not guaranteed. If you put your money into something that isn't guaranteed, you could lose it, although some investments are much safer than others. As they say, risk=reward.

The amount you are talking about investing actually isn't that much (hard to believe, I know). I am not sure it's worth paying for financial advice. In your position, I might look at low-cost mutual funds at Vanguard. I believe they offer banking options as well. I think Warren Buffet is the one who pointed out that you can't control the market. But you can control the fees you pay. Since investment fees are deducted regardless of whether or not you earn money, think low fees!

If Vanguard doesn't meet your needs, I'd look at local credit unions, which offer offer better interest rates and more services at lower fees.

I probably wouldn't consult with a financial planner if all you're doing is investing 30k for one year. A cd is a good (safe) option. Otherwise, you might want to consider Wealthfront. You can open an investment account with them, or even do a high interest cash account, which is at 2.51% APY.