Short-term, full-time elderly care

Hey BPN! I'm seeking a short-term, full-time/live-in senior caregiver to help take care of my grandmother for about two weeks in late January/early February. I know folks use for both elderly and child care, but was wondering if there are other similar sites since we haven't had much success so far with 

In particular we are seeking someone who speaks Mandarin and is willing to travel to the San Jose / Milpitas area. Referrals are welcome! 

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I've used Sitter City successfully (just like There is a fee but it is free for UCB employees (and maybe other UC employees as well.

But given the specifics of what you are looking for, I would reach out to Chinese cultural centers in the South Bay as well as senior centers with large numbers of Mandarin-speaking clients, since they may know of Mandarin-speaking caregivers. And maybe an ad in one or more of the Chinese papers in the Bay Area (