Short term, Airbnb type rentals in Oakland

Hi all - I am confused and wondering if anyone here can help out - really hoping for someone with actual knowledge and expertise vs just an opinion or a desire to interpret what's posted, please.  We used to rent our house when we'd travel, and we'd love to do that again this summer. We had the city license required to rent our home and paid taxes to the Fed, State and City. Our rental timeframe was usually 6 days to about 3 weeks, with most renters coming for 1-2 weeks. However, I heard that Oakland's Short Term Residential Rental Regulations have changed, so I read them, and just don't get it. One section states that rentals must be 7 days or longer ... another says no rentals for less than 30 days unless in hotel zone ... and then it gets more vague. I looked at all the sites that typically have house rentals - VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway and so on - and there are tons of house rentals in Oakland, available for almost any amount of nights including just 1-2. I'm sure most of those folks are homeowners just trying to pay the bills and not wanting to be doing anything illegal. Many of the travel sites collect and remit taxes direct to the city, which the city accepts ... so what is really legal nowadays?   Thanks in advance ... 

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The East Bay Rental Housing Association may be able to help.