Shoe in the Heating Duct

We recently had our roof repaired  While they were working, one of the workers rested his shoe on the chimney and it fell in.  Unfortunately, that chimney is connected to our heater duct.  While the shoe probably fell to the bottom instead of curving into the duct, I would like to get the shoe out.  I do not feel comfortable with it sitting there.

The roofers have said that they would come and undo the ducts and check, but heating is not their expertise and I am not comfortable with them doing this job. They also promised to take care of this right away, but it has been weeks and they do not respond to my calls. (they deducted about $2,000 from the bill until they deal with the shoe).

Can anyone suggest a heater repair company who would  quickly and professionally be able to take care of this? 


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If you want to contact a heating & air conditioning company, I recommend Hassler,

The people I have worked with at Hassler have been family and service oriented. For example, after they reworked our heating, they popped by a couple of times as a courtesy to make sure we were comfortable with the new heat distribution, which was very kind. Hassler has also been honest about what we really need vs. trying to upsell us. They come to help and solve the problem, not to gouge you. If they cannot do the job, they will not attempt it. If they show up, they will charge you for an hour of work, however.

RE: Shoe in the Heating Duct ()

You should get it out immediately and not use the heater until the shoe has been removed.  If the heater duct is blocked the exhaust gas from the heater and maybe the hot water heater can't escape.  That means they are backing up into your house and your house could have carbon monoxide and other combustion by products in your living space.  Be sure you have a CO working detector/alarm.  This is potentially a very dangerous situation until you know if the shoe is blocking the air flow.  Personally I would not allow my family to live in the house until you know how much of the airflow is restricted and if the hot water heater is using the same chimney. 

​Shame on the roofing company for not getting the shoe out and offering you $2,000 in exchange for endangering your families lives.  
They should know better and probably do.

​Call a chimney sweep and charge the entire cost to the roofers.