Shipping household goods to NYC

My daughter and her BF moved to NY recently. They are staying with her aunt who lives on Long Island. My daughter told me they recently found an apartment in Manhattan and would like me to ship some of her things to her. No big items. Maybe only 4-5 boxes. We've used ABF before to another part of the country but shipping furniture etc using one of their pods. What company did you use? I'm thinking UPS. Any other recs? How much did it cost? I'd like a ballpark figure; I know it depends on weight, # of boxes and shipping time. Also, I'm assuming it's best to have someone there to receive the boxes. Any tips you have are appreciated.

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I just made the same move in the opposite direction. I used a site called college boxes.  they have an option called something like direct shipping which anyone can use. It's basically fed ex, I sent 4 boxes, approx 45 pounds each for around $80 a piece. It was very easy.

Look into Amtrak. I think they still have the service where you pay $67 for the first 100lbs and then cents on the dollar for every pound over that. Back when I moved here in 1991 it took about 4 days fromg Philadelphia to Emeryville. You get a tracking and claim number and your daughter picks it up at the NYC Amtrak station. It was a great experience for me.

I recently used FedEx Ground to ship boxes to my daughter leaving for college.  You may need to register for an account to select the Ground option which I believe is the cheapest.  I also opted for having the boxes held and picking them up at a FedEx location to avoid the risk of no one being available to receive them but that may not be convenient in NYC.  Another option that someone recommended is Greyhound Package Express.  Both sites allow you to calculate time and cost based on the specifications of your boxes and the destination.