SF Pediatrician Recommendations?

Hi all. We just made the move from Oakland over the bridge to San Francisco to alleviate commute time to the Peninsula for work. We are now looking for a new pediatrician for our 1.5 year old. We have been at East Bay Pediatrics and really love the experience there (multiple doctors, helpful front desk and nursing staff, online portal, and a great relationship with our son's PCP). If anyone made the move from the city and had a practice they liked in SF or the upper peninsula, I'd really value the recommendations.  Thanks!

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All of the Doctors at the Burlingame Stanford Pediatric office are fabulous. We saw Dr. Wanderman and really liked him. 

We moved from SF to Oakland a year ago and we still go to Golden Gate Pediatrics. They check the helpful nursing staff, online portal, multiple doctors, and great relationship boxes of what you mentioned. Front desk was a bit frustrating when we were a new patient (relatively longer holds on the phone, etc.) but ever since becoming established and we could communicate through the online portal, our experience has been great so far. My messages are always responded to, sometimes within minutes depending on the question. When our daughter was a newborn and had to be monitored closely for jaundice, I spoke to several different providers (doctors, NPs, nurses) because they were trying to cover us around the clock and through the weekend. I like our provider - she seems to be out of office more than just a few weeks a year but we haven't felt like we are outside of her sphere of consciousness, if that makes sense. She remembers what we talked about, responds to my messages if someone else had to be the first responder and she wanted to add anything, etc.