Severance pay when nanny share ends?

Our nanny share is coming to an end.  Is it usual and customary to pay a severance or give parting gifts?  Our nanny is choosing not to stay with us as she would like to be in a share situation.  

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Generally when the employee chooses to leave there is no severance needed.  In a situation where the nanny is let go without cause I have heard of a severance bonus being common, but in your situation where the nanny chooses to leave I would personally not do a substantial severance bonus.  I would likely do a parting gift or a small gift card, but not a significant amount of cash as severance since in this case leaving is her choice and it seems she knew about the situation ahead of time and chose to leave so she likely has other work opportunities lined up.   

Severance would be something your nanny would have negotiated when she started working for you. Do you have a contract with her? If she didn’t ask for it and you didn’t agree to it up front then I don’t think there should be any expectation of severance, especially if she is terminating the relationship. As far as a parting gift, I think that’s up to you. I gave our nanny flowers when we wrapped up with her. We had just recently given her a generous holiday bonus. Between that and some recurrent issues we’d had with her performance I didn’t think another large gift was warranted. If you feel like expressing gratitude and generosity then I’m sure a gift either small or larger will be appreciated, but I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule to follow.