Selling kids' clothes ~ where to do that now?

There used to be Ruby's Garden and Eat, Play, Love (?) on College and the one right on the corner of Chabot and College. Where do you sell used and good quality kids' clothes in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda? Current info very much appreciated ~ thank you!

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I like Mommy's Trading Post in Alameda. They are easy to sell to, can give you store credit or cash (I do store credit) and are friendly.

Chloe's Closet on Solano is gone now too!  I have seen people have success for higher end clothing items on Facebook groups (think Boden, Hanna Andersson, Tea, Peek, etc.).  The high end stuff actually has amazing resell value in these groups.  I would be curious to know what folks are doing for everything else though.

There's a used children's clothing store in Alameda on Park Street. Lauren's Closet. Nice store.

There's also toy safari on the same block that buys and sells used toys with an appointment.

Try Grove Street Kids!

I’ve heard good things about mommy’s trading post in alameda. 

Mommy's Trading Post in Alameda