Selling a Coin Collection

Hello!  We've recently inherited a large collection of silver and gold coins.  They are all already certified.  We'd like to sell them.  Does anyone know who or how one goes about selling a coin collection?  Thank you in advance!

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You may want to try an auction house like Michaan's or Clars. I have been happy with my auction experiences, but many people are not. It is a complicated business and you must read your contract carefully. Also, reading yelp reviews will give you some insight may help you avoid disappointment. Many people have inflated ideas of the value of their belongings and are thus unhappy with their profit. 

RE: Selling a Coin Collection ()

I was in a similar situation a few years ago, and we used Kenneth Byrd Coins & Currency, which is based out of Colorado.  You should give Ken a call to see if he can help you as well.  He was very honest and reliable.