Self Defense Class for 20 YO + other ideas for semester abroad

My 20 year old will be spending 6 months in South America next year for a semester abroad program. She has good common sense but I would like her to take a self-defense class over winter break or early next summer before she goes. BPN archives don't have any recommendations past 2011.  Also, if anyone has any general advice about keeping safe while a student in another country (besides the obvious common sense things) I would be interested to hear. Thanks. 

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I recommend looking into Impact Bay Area ( My daughter took their 10-hour teen class 3 years ago and I was impressed by the thoroughness of instruction as well as by how they delivered age-appropriate information. In fact, I should register her for a refresher course!

I highly recommend Impact Bay Area (  You may need to email them about upcoming classes that are not private programs.  My daughter took their class for young adults and called it life changing.