Seeking a wonderful therapist, especially with Complex PTSD experience

Hello parents, our family is in “that place” again. I’m reaching out to see if you have recent recommendations for a therapist, in or near Berkeley, that you wholeheartedly recommend / feel is a gem. Someone to discuss and assist with relationship (not “couple”, but other areas of life) / life transition / impacts of a traumatic childhood / related issues. A special interest is to find someone experienced with the impacts of childhood trauma, or Complex PTSD. We are finding it hard to simply flip through the phone book or the web, and would love to find someone that others have truly benefitted from seeing. Huge, major plus if Magellan insurance is accepted. Thanks for your assistance. 

NOTE FROM MODERATOR: We do not accept self-recommendations or recommendations of colleagues, only recommendations from patients or former patients.  Therapists, please do not recommend yourself or a colleague. Thanks! 

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I saw Erika Goldman in Rockridge. She's amazing, many years of experience, and I have her to thank for my overcoming many traumas. Her office is above Market Hall; free parking.

I have been seeing Natashia Fuksman in South Berkeley for the past 9 months or so to work through some birth and other trauma as well as my transition to the Bay Area with a baby to a new unfamiliar exciting but stressful job. She is great and I highly recommend her. She is super warm and loving, and has created a very nice space for her practice. She incorporates mindfulness of body/emotions/thoughts into her practice, so if that is your thing she would be great.