Volunteer to assist women on medi-cal during labor

I work for a clinic and was contacted by a patient who has no one to be with her when she is due to deliver on Dec 31st. It seems that Alameda county has no resources I can discover that would be available for her and I thought to reach out to the larger community to see if someone knew of something or if someone might be willing to be on hand to be of support during the labor and delivery.

please feel free to call me at 415-264-0564 if you have any questions and are available to do this or know of someplace I might contact. Thank you.

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Not exactly what you had asked, but depending on where she is delivering, I would encourage the woman to ask to see a chaplain. At Alta Bates, Kaiser, John Muir, etc, this should bring a kind and emotionally-grounded person who will support her throughout the birth and the hospitalization. She does not need to be religious in any way — unless she is somewhere that has an outdated spiritual care department, modern day chaplains are interfaith and are there to support not proselytize.