Seeking updates on private schools for ADHD middle schooler

I'm looking for a private school for my 6th grader with ADHD. The reviews I've read are a couple of years old and I know things can change over time. Is anyone with a similarly situated kid in the following schools able to provide insights? 

I'm looking at Raskob, Core Academy, Black Pine Circle, and The Berkeley School. Also Fusion Academy, however I've read that a great deal of what students learn is through observing other peers so wonder what is lost in a 1:1 teaching model.

Thank you for any updates!

Parent Replies

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If your middle schooler is not super social,  one of the 1:1 schools like Fusion or Tilden might be the way to go. My daughter went to Tilden for all of middle school and high school. She didn’t have ADHD but zoned out a lot of things didn’t interest her. For kids like her (and I assume your son) it made a huge difference that a teacher was tracking her focus and interest and switched things up if she started wandering. The whole learning from peers is not as valuable as having an attentive teacher and honestly for our type of kids peers can easily become a distraction. Learning happens with interaction and it doesn’t have to happen with peers. Tilden teachers were highly involved, dedicated and social. My daughter loved so many of them.  The other advantage is academics are condensed so that she would feel less brain fried on school days and could engage in more fulfilling hobbies and such. 

I am in same boat as you (but with a 5th grader) and would like to compare notes. Please reach out to me.