Seeking tutor for 6th grader in SF for SBAC/high school prep

I have twin sons in 6th grade in the San Francisco public school. The school academics are poor, the classes are disruptive and they are not challenged. I would like to make sure they are challenged and prepared for the 7th grade SBAC and high school in general. Can anyone recommend a tutor or a learning center for math and English in San Francisco?  Or any other suggestions (books, online programs) would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Our child worked with Paul Gabriel for two (high school) years, and our whole family loved him. He’s smart, interesting, and engaging. Our kid learned study and organizational skills in addition to subject matter material. Best of all, he really listens and gets to know your child(ren) as a person; there is nothing cookie-cutter about his approach. His respect for and understanding of his students was inspiring, and his knowledge about learning differences helped eliminate a lot of stress in our relationship with our kid. I can’t recommend him highly enough. paul [at] 

I don’t have a recommendation, but I’m wondering what the point of studying for the SBAC is.  My kids take it, and they both do well on it, but their scores do not seem to affect their lives in any way.  It seems more like a measurement of how the schools are doing.  Is it used for something else?