Start preschool in the fall or wait?

Hello BPN Community,

I am wrestling with the decision whether to send my son to preschool in Fall 2020 (he will be 2.5 at that time) vs. keep him with his current nanny for another year.  I know this is a very personal decision and others have posted about this.  One school we looked at is Children's Workshop Oakland and skimming BPN for reviews I find only a few very brief (though positive) comments.

Does anyone have recent experience with this school and would you be willing to share your thoughts (privately or publicly)?  

Thank you in advance!

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hi!   I can't comment on the particular daycare center but I am an educator and we are being told that we might still be teaching online in the Fall.   So for safety's sake, I'd encourage you to postpone your decision at least until January 2021.   He can enter mid-year or just wait until Fall 2021.  good luck during these difficult times.