Seeking a therapist for stress and parenting

Any recommendations for a therapist in Oakland with experience treating stress/anxiety and parenting concerns? I could also use advice on relationships. 


Parent Replies

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I have had tremendous success with Mallika Bush, addressing all 3 of those concerns. You didn't note your gender in the post; I believe she only works with women at present. She sees clients individually, in her South Berkeley office or through webchat, and also runs a bimonthly therapy group for moms. I have found her enormously insightful, nonjudgmental, and a huge help as I tried to figure out how to process a whole host of anxiety-related issues (my own, my kid's, and my partner's!). I would recommend her work to anyone.

We have really liked Reyna Cowan. (510) 601-0232 She's located in Rockridge across the street from Trader Joes.

I recommend Laila Shamszad. She is warm and engaging and has offered me practical dependable tools to manage my stress and anxiety as a woman and mother throughout the years. She has the ability to look at the bigger picture and offer helpful insights.

You should definitely talk to Dr. Naomi Edelson— 

She's incredibly thoughtful, smart, and warm, and she gives you practical advice for dealing with stress, but she also gives you methods to use to reduce your stress levels.