Seeking therapist for postpartum that takes insurance ideally

Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you could recommend a therapist for postpartum issues. I made some inquiries into the out-of-pocket route because I realized that many good therapists are out-of-network. However, their fees seem to be much higher than what I'm able to pay (~$200/session). I was thinking more along the lines of $130, but if it is $200, I cannot possibly do weekly, and it seems that I need to commit to weekly if they are going to give me a time slot. I have Aetna and wanted to know if anyone else has managed to find a therapist specifically for postpartum who also took insurance, or else, has out-of-pocket fees south of $150. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks!

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I'm seeing a fabulous therapist who specializes in postpartum. She's based in Rockridge and does not take insurance, but rates are very reasonable if you commit to a package.

I hope you find someone you feel good about. It's a very confusing time! 

I am sorry your are going through this.

I know a great therapist that specializes is postpartum but she is out of network. However she is so effective that I think it is worth spending your money here. The results are immediate so I am pretty sure you will be out of the current situation VERY quickly. Dr Shoshana is very renowned therapist and will do sessions only through phone or FaceTime. She quickly gives you applicable tools and by the end of the session you will be so hopefull and ready to cope with your life. By the first appointment you will feel how effective she is. I had different kind of emotional issues and she helped me get over them by only doing 4 sessions with her (1-2 sessions per issue).

Her website is below. You would want to inquire directly for pricing. I think she could also do shorter sessions (30mins,40mins, etc) to save you money and also has package deals.

good luck!

Cathy Berman in Rockridge is great.  Her rates are within the range you're looking for, and she even does walking therapy.  Highly recommend.  She was referred to me by my OB and also knows my psychiatrist.