Seeking insightful therapist for multiple issues

I am looking for a therapist to address depression and loss of self esteem. Ideally this person can also address my extreme guilt about my parenting. The last therapist I had was not very insightful so I am hoping to find someone who has something to say and not just listen.

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Sorry to hear that, but it's also very normal. I recommend Karen Weinberger. She's in SF, but I've been seeing her for a few years and she is an absolute gem. We'd had a really bad experience with our last therapist too. It was such a big difference switching to Karen.

Gina Hassan is a therapist who specializes in parents.  I've seen her for a few years and I have found her to be very good.

My therapist has been so helpful for me in building my self-esteem, and also shedding light on how family of origin issues have persisted into my adult life.  We've looked at the parenting style I was exposed to as a kid and how it's shaped and impacted me, and also how those family dynamics became a lens for my current parenting of my own kids.  She is both insightful and solution focused. Her name is Kristin Hirt in Oakland: (510) 872-2336.