Seeking therapist for 6 year old with anxiety and encopresis

We have a 6 year old with encopresis and we are in a good place with medical management right now and he is no longer soiling but any change in routine or week off school etc causes him to get a bit backed up again. It seems like anxiety to us and we are looking for a therapist who is good with this age group and familiar with encopresis. Hoping for east bay or virtual!

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I am so jealous!  We also have an almost 6 year old with encopresis but he continues to have to wear pull ups because of it (and because of likely related pee accidents) despite almost 6 months of medical treatment.  As it happens we had been wondering whether some of this is behavioral and have been seeking therapists in this area.  We have Kaiser so have reached out to their pediatric psych department.  Can't comment on their efficacy or provide specific names because we haven't had an actual appointment yet.  However, we have heard really good things about Dr. Becker at UCSF Osher Center and have been trying to get an outside referral to him.  Not sure if he does virtual but perhaps give his office a call.  If you get any recommendations and/or find someone you like, I would be so appreciative if you could circle back here and post their name.  We are honestly a bit at the end of our rope.

Mindy Szelap is an expert in encopresis and really helped our kid and us.  You can reach her at  mindy.szelap.lcsw [at]

My daughter saw Dr. David Becker at UCSF, last summer, and he was great.  She saw him at the pediatric pain management clinic.  He also has a separate therapy practice at UCSF.  Very good at connecting with my daughter, and very knowledgeable, and very caring.