Seeking couples therapist near Berkeley

I am seeking a smart, no nonsense couples therapist for my partner and I. We have been coupled for 8 years and are still having trouble navigating the blending of our lives - including the 5 offspring we have between us ( I say offspring because they range from age 16 to 25)

We would probably work better with someone who is straightforward and results oriented as opposed to someone who is too "touchy feely" 

Our issues are mostly around the "kids" that still live at  home and the lack of schedule/ boundaries regarding the other parent.

We get along really well but these issues keep surfacing and I want help navigating.

We live in Berkeley so would love Berkeley Albany el cerrito oakland emeryville but not SF

thanks all

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I think you would do great to try Dr. Lisa Lancaster.  She is in Berkeley near Alcatraz and College.  She was extremely helpful to me and my husband when we were in a pretty rough spot.  We both got so much from her!  Her number is 510-841-2525

My husband and I worked with a great marriage therapist, Van Metaxas.  He is smart, kind, and a very skilled couple's therapist.  He has an office in Albany/Berkeley.