Seeking Teen Substance Outpatient program

Hello, we are seeking an East Bay outpatient substance program for our 15 year old daughter. We don't belong to Kaiser but do have a PPO that is quite flexible. She was previously doing your usual variety of Bay Area substances common to teens. She has stopped but still is very involved with a scene of kids who regularly use substances, so she needs reinforcement in her decisions and a broader understanding of the substance scene. She is fine with being tested regularly. I know that Thunder Road used to serve this function but hear that their staffing/structure has changed and we have some concerns. If you're not aware of an East Bay program, we are happy hearing about broader Bay Area programs that use zoom or even national ones. Driving into Contra Costa also works for us. I'm also wondering if people have experience with the UCSF YOSUP program. I would really appreciate any detail you can include in your response and am grateful for any suggestions you have. Thanks so much for your help!

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The Center for Motivation and Change in NYC has recently opened a center in San Diego and they are also doing telehealth visits throughout CA. They were extremely helpful for me and my family when my nephew moved to CA for college and lost control of his THC habit. Their approach is evidence-based and compassionate -- and they are committed to supporting families.