Seeking Tax Preparer - US - UK income issues

Seeking experienced tax preparer: I am helping a friend clean up their complex and delinquent tax situation. I would welcome recommendations for a tax preparer familiar with as many of the following issues as possible: a US citizen living and working in the UK for more than ten years; delinquent on filing US tax forms; retirement income in both the US and the UK; a home owned in the UK; familiarity with academia and UC retirement systems a big plus. I am well aware that this is a situation that should have been dealt with many years ago, but I am hoping to help this friend deal with it now. Thank you.

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Jonathan Lee, a tax attorney in San Francisco, helped my resident-alien spouse resolve a thorny and long-neglected international tax situation.  You might actually end up needing more than one specialist to sort this all out, but I think Jonathan could at least get you started.  His number is (415) 685-0813.