Seeking talented tailor

My friend in Toronto has a tailor who works magic on any piece of clothing--makes old things look new, makes new (and old) things fit like a glove, spins style out of the hopelessly unstylish. I'm looking for someone similar in the East Bay. Any recommendations?

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Thui (pronounced Twee) at Eclipse Alterations on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland is wonderful!

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Lisa Yi  1 (510) 778-3328. She tailors, makes clothes, costumes, furniture cushion covers…She does it all from her garage in El Cerrito. She was working out of a laundromat, but she was so good, that serious tailoring customers like me started seeing her at her house and making recommendations… she is now working from home full time which means she is available for fittings in the evenings and on weekends. I can’t say enough good things. Tell her miakoda sent you.