Seeking swim coach for 8-year-old intermediate swimmer

I'm looking for a swim coach for our son who is currently a strong intermediate level swimmer. He is interested in swimming regularly for exercise, so we're looking for some support to design a program for him, which could include a couple of coaching sessions a week. We are a homeschooling family, so our timing is flexible.

It seems like, other than the Berkeley Baraccudas (which is full), there are no other coached swim programs available in the Berkeley area. Are we missing something?

Any thoughts very much appreciated!

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If you're willing to drive to the Oakland hills I can highly recommend our swim school, Ohana Swimming. It's up near Merritt College. They have a non-competitive swim team that meets 3x per week (MWF 4-5). Your child can swim 2 days, 3 days, or you can also pay 1/2 price to have them do only one day per week. The price is right and so is the instruction. The coaches are fantastic! The kids have a blast while honing their skills. Contact me if you have any more questions.