Seeking Subaru shop recommendation for Engine Rebuild

Our head gasket is leaking, and we need to rebuild the engine! I guess this is a known issue for 2000 - 2004 Subarus, so some shops probably have quite a lot of experience with it. We've avoided this so far; we bought the car 2nd hand a few years ago and it is still low mileage... Did someone do a great job rebuilding your Subaru engine? I'd love to hear about it.   

Greater East Bay. We have a quote for $2700 from a shop in Santa Cruz where a friend had a great experience with getting the same work done, but we'd rather not drive it that far.  A lower price would be welcome, but not expected with prices where they are these days.

Thank you!

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We've never used them for an engine rebuild, but XYZ Motors on 29th in Oakland has been servicing our 2004 Subaru Forester for many years and we've been happy with them.  Might be worth giving them a call. 

I love XYZ Motors in Oakland, Broadway about 30th.  Hieu has helped keep our Subarus on the road at a fair price: we have old ones (1999) and newer ones (2017).  Try him at 510 835 8882!