Seeking Speech Therapist for 4 year old

Hi fellow parents,

My 4-year old was recently evaluated by a speech therapist. He struggles with pronunciation and was recommended to begin therapy. Unfortunately, they apparently have a rather long waitlist. Does anyone have suggestions for other places to look into (even if it means getting my name on multiple waitlists in the meantime)?

We are located in Oakland and I would love to at least try to use insurance (PPO plan). 

Any recommendations are appreciated!

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Have you submitted your request to your school district for evaluation? The process can be lengthy but when you get through it, you should be able to start an IEP (individualized education plan), and get some speech services through the school district for free. School district start offering services for kids 3 & up. I know it doesn’t help in the moment but good get get started. 

My son went through speech therapy with Bettina Larroude in Oakland and it was a wonderful, transformative experience. He still dreams of returning to her office and playing with all her toys! We highly recommend her. 

Our 4y old kiddo sees Teresa from Sound Advice Speech Therapy and she is amazing, has so much expertise and is just great with kids. She can asses your kiddo and come to your house or school. Below the link of her website: is in Oakland and provides therapy at home and in the school. Able to provide a superbill to submit to insurance for reimbursement for services.