Seeking Speech Therapist for 2yo in Berkeley

Hi there!

We recently moved from the DC area to Berkeley and I am looking for a speech therapist for my daughter. She was receiving services through the county in DC, but as we wrapped up our services there in preparation for our move, our coordinator told us that she had improved enough that she wouldn't likely qualify for services in CA but still recommended services to help her continue to improve (I agree with her assessment). I am looking for someone who specializes in articulation and possible oral motor delays specifically for toddlers. I'm not sure if SLPs are meeting in person or not, but ideally, I would prefer in person vs. virtual but it is not a deal breaker if virtual.


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I would start by reaching out to the Regional Center of the East Bay: Fellow DC transplant here as well!

We've had a really positive experience with Nathalie Sanchez. My child is older and while virtual meetings were a concern for me too, she is great at forming a connection. I don't know her plans for going in-person, but I'm sure she would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions. My child can be very challenging and Nathalie is excellent at finding ways to keep him engaged while working on skills. nspeechtherapy [at] Good luck!