Seeking speech therapist for 12yo's fluency challenges

Our 12yo son has grappled with fluency challenges since he was in 1st grade, and has seen speech therapists to help him cope with his stammer -- until March when everything shut down. We have now relocated "back home" to Berkeley from Brooklyn to be closer to family, which means he'll be starting a new middle school in January. Unfortunately this coincides with his struggling with his speech more than I've seen in years, presumably due to the transition and the "break" from therapy. Does anyone have recommendations for local speech therapists, presumably conducting virtual meetings at the moment, who work well with older kids? We're reaching out in parallel to the ones he worked with in NYC to schedule virtually for a while, but I'd love to start getting him into a new, permanent routine here.



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my 12 yo also is disfluent and deteriorated during lockdown. it’s been challenging to get him help as he graduated out of his iep in late 2019 and there is a huge backlog of evaluations needed. i would suggest focusing on scheduling sessions with his old therapists for now while you get him set up with his new school. good luck, remote school is very tough for kids who can’t easily speak up.