Seeking soft-story retrofit company recommendations

The City of Oakland passed an ordinance a while back requiring all multi-unit buildings with "soft stories" -- street-level garage(s) under the first floor of living space -- to perform a specific type of seismic retrofit. I think the deadline is coming up and I have no idea who to hire for something like this. If anyone has recommendations, they'd be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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In 2018, we first thought we would do a simple earthquake retrofit through Oakland's brace and bolt program, but soon learned we had to do a pretty extensive seismic retrofit of the crawlspace/basement of our duplex. We do not have the soft stories issue, however. We went with E&F Construction, which comes highly rated. Caveat though, we scheduled a vacation at the same time as the retrofit construction, so we were not around during the actual construction, but were very pleased with the final result. Good luck!

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