Seeking resources for New Widow and Children

I am seeking information for my friend, who unexpectedly lost her husband recently. She has two children, a sixth grader and a Sophomore. She is trying to navigate how to move forward and has gotten therapy for the three of them, but she still has many questions. A big one is that her children attend private Catholic schools which is quite expensive. Due to her assets, she may not be able to get financial aid but she does not want to sell or mortgage her property or liquidate her retirement if possible. I am hoping there might be some scholarships or information out there.

Also, are there support groups or anyone who has gone through this who might be able to offer some advice?

Thanks so much.

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I'd check out Circle of Care in Oakland. It's a group model for dealing with grieving and loss.

I went through something similar recently.  Please advise your friend, if she is not aware already, that her children may be eligible for social security survivor benefits, which can offset some of the costs of the private school.

Hi, I am sorry to hear of your friend's loss. My heart goes out to her and her family. She may want to check with the Diocese of Oakland for possible assistance if she is in the East Bay ( The Knights of Columbus offer scholarships although I am not sure if they are only for college or not. There are CYO scholarships but they are pretty specific (8th grade and may be sport-specific). Many churches have grief support groups if that is something your friend is looking for. Here are a few examples (some may offer zoom options or she can look closer to where she lives): OR

Wishing your friend comfort, peace, and love.