Seeking a reliable speech therapist

Hi All,

i'm looking for a reliable speech therapist for my 2 yr old. Kindly recommend.

thanks much!!


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Check with your local public school district for early intervention services.

Check with your local school district to see if your child qualifies for speech therapy (the required age may be three years old) and about the evaluation process.  In addition to speech therapy through his school district, my grandson saw Amy Faltz (Faltz Associates on Piedmont Ave., Oakland) when he was in upper elementary/middle school grades.


We’ve been working with Kate Carlin at Speech Pathology Group in Berkeley for a few months now, and she is creative, dependable and very communicative.  She’s developed good rapport with our 5-year-old son already, and that isn’t always easy.  In general, look for a certified speech therapist who conducts a proper assessment, talks about setting goals once she or he gets to know your kiddo, and for that age group - a 2-year-old - you want someone who is very engaging, the therapy should be very play-based and geared toward your child’s interests, they should explain what they are targeting and why, show you how to do what they are doing,  and they should focus on developing imitation skills as a foundation for language development.  And they should give you homework to generalize the skills to home.  Good luck!