Seeking referrals for dermatologists specializing in hair loss

My college aged daughter has been experiencing hair loss which seems to be getting worse.  We have had blood tests and have ruled out medical reasons. We go to Kaiser but I don't think they have anyone who specializes in female pattern baldness. Does anyone know of a dermatologist in the Bay Area that you can recommend?  I did find a 2008 BPN post that mentioned a dermatologist in Oakland but she seems to have retired.  Help!

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You might call Golden State Dermatology.  I see Dr.Vikas Patel for skin issues and would swear by him.  I have no idea whether hair loss is one of his areas, but one of his colleagues has an extremely impressive CV that includes specialization in alopecia [].  Their office in Walnut Creek is not that much of a drive, and some of the doctors in the practice see patients at a Berkeley office.