Seeking referral or feedback - Loewen window installations

Hi Families,  We are considering Loewen windows for a small addition / remodel at the back of our 1908 house.   [Our architect recommends Marvin, but we like that Loewen offers higher quality douglas fir wood for a much more reasonable cost.]  We don't know anyone who has actually installed the Loewen windows.  If you installed Loewen windows, what do you think?  Are you willing to chat about it?  Did you stain the interior of the windows?   Thank you!

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I am a carpenter/handyman who has about 23 years of experience including installing new windows in older homes. The three times I have installed Loewen windows there have been a problems with them fitting correctly. In addition, the homeowners have complained of peeling paint and broken latches several years later. In my opinion both Marvin and Pella windows are better made and I can recommend them over the Loewen brand. The Pella double hung variety have one or two handles (depending on the size) on the bottom sash whereas the Marvin ones do not and it makes opening and closing a bit more difficult.