Seeking a small Pre-School that is warm, loving, play-based, nature-loving

Hello All, 

Our daughter is turning 2 in August and I would like to find her a great part-time preschool (maybe 2 days per week). I prefer a less strict, more play-based, warm, nurturing and loving environment. Ideally this place would have a small class size, access to gardening, pets, outdoor play and arts and crafts. We live in the Hiller Highlands so anywhere from Rockridge, Berkeley, Orinda, Lafayette, etc would be great.

We've already applied at St. Stephens and the Mulberry School. Any feedback or other recs would be greatly appreciated.


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My daughter attended the Lake School in Oakland.  She / we loved it.

"Hug-a Bug" preschool in the El Cerrito Hills. Nancy Kelleher is a brilliant magician with young children with 40 years experience, The curriculum is nature/play based. My daughter is now an Honors student at St Mary's Highschool and still considers Hug-a-Bug as one of the parts of her life. Highly recommended.

Lafayette Nursery School is wonderful--and a co-op.