Outdoor maintenance and basic garden upkeep for condo complex

We have a small condo complex in North Oakland. Looking for someone who can do some basic yard upkeep like weeding, watering, and picking up trash, and also cleaning up common spaces (sweeping the garage, a deck, and common hallway). HOA will have to issue a 1099 for the work.

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I think since you need to issue a 1099 you should look for a service that has a business license, reports its employees' earnings, does taxes and withholdings, etc. A lot of garden maintenance services are very under the radar and may not want to have their earning reported on a 1099. In my experience they often employ workers who are undocumented. Same for individual gardeners.  Also, garden maintenance services do not typically do interior clean-up like sweeping the hallway, or more time-consuming tasks like watering plants and weeding. You might need to be looking at a landscaping firm that offers garden maintenance, and separately, a janitorial service to take care of things like sweeping hallways and picking up trash.