Seeking Recommendations Hand Physical Therapist for Flexor Tendon Injury

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a hand physical therapist for my 25 year old son who accidentally severed 4 tendons and 3 nerves, three years ago. He has not regained use of his hand and is no longer able to play stringed instruments, or able to repair musical instruments (his livelihood). The accident and loss of use of his hand has turned his life upside down and  has resulted in depression and anxiety.. Looking for someone who has excellent hand physical therapy skills and is compassionate. He lives in Berkeley, near Star grocery store, but can travel.

Thank you


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Webster Orthopedics in Oakland has two occupational therapists who specialize in hands.   I have seen them for a broken hand and a broken wrist.  (I am not super enthusiastic about the rest of their PT practice.)

I highly recommend going to the best hand surgeon and specialist in the Bay Area.  He will not recommend surgery unless it's necessary.  Dr. Robert Markison, 415-929-5900, 2000 Van Ness Ave #502, SF CA 94109.  He can also provide recs for PT and other forms of therapy.

Good luck.

I saw Christine, a hand therapist at Alta Bates' hand clinic who I thought was great: Check them out-

Very sorry to hear about your sons accident! I recommend Shelby Edgar at Oakland Hand Therapy. She’s an Occupational Therapist specializing in hand therapy.