Seeking Recommendations for Female Therapist with openings

I need to find a new therapist and am having a very hard time finding someone taking new clients (have tried four so far who all have full practices). Prefer female, but open. "Issues" are long-standing depression and anxiety, complex family relationships, recent divorce, parenting challenges, and general middle age stuff. Looking for someone supportive and kind, who will also be honest and challenge me. Also looking for someone super professional who respects boundaries. Generally have preferred MFT or LCSW who take a practical approach, but open (particularly to somatic practices). Relatively close to Alameda would be great for when in-person visits are doable again, but flexible given everything is video right now. Paying out of pocket so insurance not an issue. At this point, biggest selling point would be someone with openings in their practice who is willing to even talk to a potential new client. Thanks BPN!

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My therapist is amazing.   

She is smart, warm, kind, practical. I have been seeing her for over 4 years. Pre-pandemic, she saw patients in SF and south Berkeley (close to Ashby Bart) but now we talk on the phone weekly. 

For the last 6 months I have been working weekly with a calm, kind, supportive—and most importantly, super effective—therapist in Alameda just by the High Street Bridge. Christina Narensky, PsyD, specializes in psychotherapy and EMDR. The latter is the modality I use with her. After decades of CBT nd traditional talk therapy which helped only mildly, I am making progress at lightening speed on reframing past traumas (which have caused/contributed to my own anxiety & depression) via EMDR. I relate to and experience everything in your post save the divorce, so can relate. I can’t say enough good things about Christina. You’ll be in good hands with her: 510-229-4017 and Best wishes to you!

I can't recommend Elizabeth Dandenell enough. She is the owner of the East Bay Center for Anxiety Relief in Alameda on Santa Clara and is accepting new patients, I believe:

I was dealing with panic attacks and serious anxiety in general and am happy to say that after beginning therapy with her in 2019 I have never had another attack. She has a very practical approach with proven exercises, all founded in CBT. I've recently had a relapse of anxious thoughts and anxiety in general (pandemic anyone?) and have started seeing her weekly again. It is amazing how much she helps in such a small aount of time.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like more info.

I recommend Norma Myers (510) 849-5455. She listens well but is super pragmatic and can challenge my set ideas in a helpful way.  Overtime she has been an amazing help to me.  She was off for a couple of weeks, but I believe she is back either this week or next week and I am pretty certain she is taking new clients. She also does groups which I have participated in.  Best of luck!

I don't know if she is taking new clients, but I've been seeing Heather Roselaren for many years for management of my depression as well as some similar issues to what you have listed. Kind, practical, LCSW, located in Berkeley. Visits have been over video during the pandemic.

I highly recommend Molly Gales. She has been helping me navigate anxiety, parenting challenges, middle age stuff and anything else that might be complicating my life at any particular time.  She is compassionate and results-driven, always having tools to help me work through issues and set new patterns for the future.  She is so easy to talk to, great sense of humor, and very knowledgeable.

Hello -

As a middle aged woman with many issues in the realms you mention, I cannot recommend my therapist Rebecca Silverstein highly enough. While she is warm, kind, intellectual and easy to laugh (and cry) with, she is also both practical and structured in our sessions when this is warranted. I have immense respect for her ability to listen and help identify and dig through some pretty complex roots. She is taking new patients at this time. Here is her website:

Best of luck to you!


I worked with Marie Sarte, LCSW, for about two years, and would recommend her! She has more of a CBT approach, which I appreciated. I found her especially helpful in discussing anxiety and parenting challenges. She's based in Oakland. Here is her website: